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Our PCB Assembly Capabilities

Printed circuit boards are used in nearly every electronic device across multiple industries in America. At Odyssey Electronics, we’re proud to offer advanced PCB technology and assembly services to meet your company’s needs. Not only do we serve a variety of markets, but we customize our process for each and every client, to ensure that you receive the best PCB assembly possible.

Our Process

Screen Printing

Using the highest quality PCBs and solder provides a solid foundation for Odyssey’s assembly process.

(Solder Paste Inspection)

We inspect 100% of the solder application to prevent solder defects.

Surface Mount Assembly

From production realization to first piece program creation, many steps are taken to ensure a repeatable process from prototype to production.

Reflow solder Profiles

Individual reflow profiles are created for every assembly with a KIC profiler to meet or exceed good solder joint characteristics.

(Automated Optical Inspection)

Every board is scanned to validate proper solder joints, part placement, part markings, and part polarity.


X-ray is essential to qualify solder joints of BGA’s and QFN’s. When used in practice with other process control methods we can achieve a reliable, repeatable solder joint on every assembly.

Thru-hole Assembly

Semi and fully automated machines are used to save time and resources.

Selective Solder

Selective solder is the best method for creating superior solder joints on densely populated, dual sided PCBs.

Wave Solder

Wave solder is the fastest method for soldering thru-hole components. The utilization of wave solder pallets also allows us to wave solder some dual-sided technology.

Robotic Solder

Robotic solder is a reliable, repeatable method of when the design does not permit wave or selective solder.

Conformal Coating

Fully automated conformal coating gives us the capability to control application to within 1mm.

Turn-key / Box Build

Experienced with both UL and ETL builds, giving customers the time to focus on new product design. Complete sourcing that can take you from design to part.

Functional Test

A full functional test is the best tool to secure a 100% pass rate for delivered goods.

In-Circuit test (ICT)

The Checksum ICT system is capable of testing point to point within the circuit while verifying part presences and values.

Burn-in test

The burn-in capabilities include a 24” x 24” x 24” thermal chamber and life cycle testing.

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International Shipping

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